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With other scans and imaging devices, you have to fight your claustrophobia just to get a decent scan. Gone are the days of laying in a tube or other imaging procedures that can cause undue stress.

Our state of the art non-invasive imaging procedure was designed with your comfort in mind. 

You are able to stand or sit during our scan, but odds are good that since the scan will happen so quickly (often times as quick as 12 seconds) that you wont mind mind doing either.  With its completely open design, the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C is wheelchair accessible.


The Carestream Dental CS 9300-C is a 3D imaging system that revolutionizes our patient treatment: It helps us diagnose more accurately and treat patients with unprecedented confidence.

With precise, crystal-clear 3D and panoramic images, the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C offers our team powerful insights into specific dental regions of interest. This capability is essential for a wide range of diagnostics that, in turn, help us devise more accurate treatment plans and answer any questions you have about your care and treatment options.



Because the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system allows technicians to target a precise area for exposure, our patients are exposed to significantly less radiation when they need an x-ray. 

The system combines speed, image quality and precision placement to dramatically reduce the occasional need for retakes. By using less radiation than conventional CT scans, the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system better helps us adhere to the ALARA Principle – or, “As Low As Reasonably Achievable.”

We take every precaution to minimize patient exposure to radiation when obtaining the necessary diagnostic images needed for treatment planning.




The Carestream Dental CS 9300-C’s exposure is:

-About 1/2 as much as a full series of orthodontic digital images
-About 1/5 as much as a full series of standard dental x-rays (28 films)
-About 1/70 as much as a typical CT medical scan

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