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Better Images For Better Treatment

• Evaluate ectopic and impacted teeth

• Assess alveolar ridge shape and volume limitations

• Plan placement of temporary anchorage devices

• American Board of Orthodontics recognized 

• Assess temporomandibular joints and occlusion

• 3D scan eliminates the need for models & impressions

• Assess growth

• Analyze skeletal symmetry

• Design custom appliances

• Plan orthognathic surgical treatment




Impacted supernumerary teeth can often be difficult to visualize with limited 2D imaging modalities. Fortunately, high-resolution 3D imaging simplifies this process. Information gained from the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system allows the practitioner to evaluate the presence of supernumerary teeth, their position relative to adjacent teeth, and any pathology associated with the impaction—all with anatomical accuracy. This information promotes a more confident and comprehensive treatment plan, as well as key determinants for surgical approaches to removal, if required.


The Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system gives you the ability to provide comprehensive dental and skeletal assessment of your patients prior to beginning treatment. Create all necessary images from just one 3D scan, including 2D lateral and frontal cephalometric, panoramic, SMV and TMJ images. This scan can even be used to produce a digital model.


The Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system 8 cm x 8 cm field of view is perfect for multiple impactions cases while limiting the exposure to the area of interest and is very beneficial for performing 3D radiological examinations of the patient before, during, or after orthodontic treatment. In this case, it reveals the exact location of the impacted mandibular canines and their exact position relative to adjacent teeth.
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