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Better Images For Better Planning
• Take precise measurements using true 1:1 ratio
• Use 3d technology to plan implants; updated implant library allows you to create custom guides for patients anatamoy
• Evaluate bone quantity and quality
• Improve case acceptance
• Identify, localize, and annotate anatomical obstacles (mandibular canal, sinus)
• Collaborate with referrals



Implant planning with 3D imaging modalities is rapidly becoming mainstream. The Carestream Dental CS 9300-C 3D system has the ability to scan a wide range of areas. For cases requiring an extended field of view, simply put the Carestream Dental CS 9300-C 3D system into full-arch mode to acquire the maxillary or mandibular arch or acquire a single or dual arch with our versatile Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system. Our comprehensive CS 3D imaging implant planning software makes treatment planning very simple and helps improve case acceptance.


The implant planning module’s unlimited viewing abilities allows the implant recipient site to be seen from any angle around the implant template, revealing all anatomical unknowns pre-operatively. This image represents a 300 micron slice at the center of the implant in the sagittal view. The implant locator feature also allows you to quickly align the slice with the implant template.


Carestream Dental CS 9300-C system with 10 cm x 10 cm field of view. Implant planning utilizing the robust implant planning module integrated into the 3D viewer allows for comprehensive evaluation and treatment planning of the implant recipient sites in all dimensions.


Volumetric rendering of the completed implant plan with 1 to 1 representations of the implant’s position and true orientation within the arch provides a tool for patient consultation. The implant planning software is also a powerful collaboration tool between colleagues.
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