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• Evaluate bone anatomy and proximity to pertinent anatomical areas for implant placement and case planning

• Analyze furcation involvements and intrabony defect patterns

• Diagnose the extent and significance of tooth and alveolar fractures

• Identify exact location of vital structures such as the mandibular nerve and nasopalatine canal

• Evaluate bone loss patterns in periodontitis and associated regenerative potential of defect morphology

• Evaluate pre- and post- operative bone grafting sites

• Evaluate the patency of the ostium before sinus bone grafting surgery is performed

• Evaluate facial bone plate and associated tooth position for perio-orthodontic considerations in mucogingival or periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontic therapy


3D orthogonal views show in detail the periodontal diagnostic imaging challenges facing practitioners every day. Generalized moderate periodontitis, evident on the panoramic view and supported by the axial and sagittal slices. The volumetric and sagittal views show virtual implant placement. The advanced periodontitis on the coronal slice and sagittal view, showing class III nonrepairable furcation involvement providing unsurpassed diagnostic information to create the proper treatment plan.


3D sagittal slice identifies a maxillary right cuspid root fracture and large area of periapical low density, consistent with abscess formation. The palatal cortical plate of bone is still attached while the facial cortical plate is breached at the level of the fracture. Extraction and socket grafting is needed to repair and prepare the site for future implantation.


On the 3D image, the panoramic curved slicing, volumetric, sagittal, and axial views all show different orthogonal aspects of the failing tooth 6. These views also confirm the adjacent teeth 5 and 7 are viable and are unaffected by the failing tooth 6. The image on the left demonstrates a transaxial slice, showing the root fracture and the consequential bone loss in greater detail than 2D imaging alone.


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