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The Latest 3D Imaging Technology to Ensure You Receive the Best Care Possible

By producing incredibly detailed, crystal-clear 3D images, the CS 9300 digital radiography system offers our team powerful insights into specific dental regions of interest.
This capability is essential for a wide range of patient diagnostics that, in turn, help us devise your treatment plans and answer any questions you have about your care and treatment options.


• High resolution images: Your dentist can see patient teeth
with unprecedented detail
• Less radiation: patient health and safety is Dr Dorsch’s
greatest concern
• Comfortable experience: the system’s open design makes
exams more comfortable, with both seated and standing
options to accommodate patients of all sizes – it’s even
wheelchair accessible

We are here to provide you with remarkable dental care, every
time. If you have any questions regarding technologies employed
by our practice, please feel free to contact us. We’re eager to help
you with all your oral health needs.

Your scans are read by a Radiologist

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